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Mobile Internet offers big potential for advertisers

By Ding Yining   (Shanghai Daily)

09:04, April 06, 2012

Chinese consumers are embracing the era of mobile Internet, with more urban professionals turning from television or newspapers to smartphones or tablet computers for information.

And advertisers want to be where everyone is looking.

China has the largest number of mobile phone users in the world at 1 billion. Industry watchers estimate that the number of mobile users logging into the Internet will surpass those on personal computers by the end of this year.

"This will become a big opportunity for advertisers," said Benjamin Wei, director for GroupM Interactive's mobile and new media sector.

Last month, for the first time, there were more new mobile devices put into use in China than in the US. Devices using Apple's iOS system and Google's Android system accounted for about a quarter of global use, the largest single market in the world.

Big brands have been quick to seize opportunities in the mobile market.

Starbucks China, for one, has launched a Chinese version of its application, giving mobile users information of store location, seasonal menus, membership cards and the opportunity to share their thoughts with other coffee lovers.

"With market awareness and technology today, I fully expect to see a big boost in advertising spending on mobile platforms," said Philip Kuai, vice president and general manager of Mobile Ad Platform at AdChina. "Expenditure could double or even triple this year."

Applications build an important channel between brands and consumers and help connect online campaigns with offline shopping, Shanghai-based digital advertising network AdChina pointed out in a recent marketing white paper.

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