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China starts to build core network system of Internet of Things

By Yu Jianbin (People's Daily)

15:35, March 31, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The special food and medicine safety data operation and management platform of the core network of China's "Internet of Things" started construction in Bozhou, east China's Anhui Province on March 29.

It indicates that the construction of the core network system of China's "Internet of Things" has started.

The construction will provide various data terminals regarding the food and medicine safety with network access service and authentication codes.

Using the "Internet of Things" technologies to strengthen the food and medicine safety management, China will be able to guarantee that planting, production, transportation and consumption of the food and medicine are all under the safety supervision, and customers will ultimately be able to consume safe food and medicines.

In addition to the food and medicine safety data platform, other first-class special platforms of the core network of the "Internet of Things" include platforms of the environmental protection, water conservancy, electric power, shipping, logistics, education, production safety monitoring, civil administration of the community, intelligent city, vehicle network, industrial equipment operation monitoring, digital television and smart household appliances.

Every platform will offer network access service and authentication codes to the terminals of the digital equipment of the area.

The completion of the core network system of China's "Internet of Things" will create unprecedented market spaces for various links of the industrial chain of the "Internet of Things," said Jiang Guoping, the board chairman of the Zhong Ji Guo Xin Industrial Data Service Company.

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