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Unveil fake Italian brands in China

By Wang Junxiu (China Youth Daily)

15:09, March 27, 2012

Edited and Translated by Han Shasha, People's Daily Online

The Beijing office of the Intellectual Property Rights Department of the Italian Trade Commission (ITC) recently submitted a list of 30 brands to China's State Intellectual Property Office, saying that these brands falsely advertised as having Italian origin to lure customers.

How do these "fake Italian brands" label themselves as Italian brands?

Nonexistent "Italian design"

"OBOSI" was advertised as a luggage brand which originated from Italy by its manufacturer Guangzhou Roewe Bags Products Co., Ltd. The company also claimed that the supervisor of the production was "Italy OBOSI (Hong Kong) Group Co., Ltd" which was founded in Milan in 1988. However, ITC could not found any registration information about the brand and company neither in Italy nor in Hong Kong.

An eyewear brand "GIORGIO GIOVANI" was advertised in its brochure that "it comes from Florence, the birthplace of the Renaissance" and "it has completely original design from Italy". Actually, this brand does not exist in Italy.

Those Italian brands were China-made and just used Italy as a signboard to attract consumers.

Register trademarks and establish shell companies

A company claimed that its ISAIAH mattress was designed by an Italian environmental designer and printed the service number of its Italy headquarters in the brochure. But the phone number is a private number that had nothing to do with the brand. Although the brand "ISAIAH" has been registered in China and Italy, the owner of the brand is a small Chinese company.

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ASEAN at 2012-03-28220.255.2.*
This is from one advertisement in the past. It said " Original copy, copy original"
PD User at 2012-03-28115.133.233.*
Who does not learn by copying. The problem with China is that they copy so well and so good that it is not even hard to tell from the original but better than it.
Ron at 2012-03-2860.18.110.*
I am surprised that this article even made publication. China is the fake capital of the planet. Some of the stuff is so good that it is hard to tell from the original

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