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US FH1100 helicopter series to be produced in China

By Tu Lufang (Beijing Daily)

13:41, March 20, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

The United States will transfer all the industrial properties and patented technologies of the FH1100 helicopter series to China, according to an agreement signed by the U.S.-China Capital Inc., China Helicopter Industry Development Association (CHIDA) and the U.S. Van Nevel helicopter company recently.

The FH1100 helicopter series to be introduced into China is civil helicopter series widely used all over the world.

"In the United States, the price of a basic-mode FH11000 helicopter is 1.35 million U.S. dollars, but after it is put into production in China, the price will be reduced by 20 percent at least to reach about 1 million U.S. dollars," said Xu Changdong, the director of the CHIDA.

Xu said that the Chinese side and the Van Nevel company are looking for a suitable production base to accommodate the entire production line of the FH1100 helicopter series. This will lower the high price of the imported turbo-copters.

However, considering flight test conditions, it is almost impossible to set the production base in Beijing. According to the plan, China will realize the goal to produce first FH 1100 helicopter within two years and then gradually realize the goal of producing 300 FH1100 helicopters annually.

The FH1100 helicopters produced in China will be used in various areas, including the public security, fire control, agriculture and medical service.


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