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Brands target online markets

By Wang Zhuoqiong (China Daily)

09:15, March 19, 2012

Following the end of a one-month online trial, the New York-based fashion house Coach is expected to start its own e-commerce operations in China.

Some say the move could trigger a new wave of Internet luxury goods retailers catering to the rising demand from affluent Chinese consumers.

Coach launched its first official online store in China on Taobao Mall (Tmall) with products including limited edition bags and accessories in December.

The 30-day initiative - part of a marketing campaign to mark the company's 70th anniversary - was well received by online shoppers, said Yan Qiao, public relations manager of Tmall, a business-to-customer shopping website under the Alibaba Group.

Coach said the online store achieved around 3.5 million hits during the period.

"Through direct contact with Chinese online consumers, we have increased our understanding of the needs and preferences of China's online shoppers and accumulated valuable experience in China's e-commerce landscape and gained insights to potentially pave the way for the development and launch of a permanent online Coach store in China," said Jonathan Seliger, president and chief executive officer of Coach China.

The brand had 65 stores across 28 cities on the Chinese mainland by the end of December.

"The e-commerce business planned for the future will bring more convenience and options for customers as it will allow them to decide which channel - offline store or online platform - to visit and make purchases," said Victor Luis, president of Coach Retail International.

"We plan to launch an e-commerce business in China within the next 12 to 18 months."

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