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Consumers lodge 607,263 complaints in 2011


14:42, March 15, 2012

China Consumers’Association received a total of 607,263 complaints from consumers in 2011, among which 571,918 were addressed, recovering 80,418 yuan ($12,699) in losses, according to a report released by the association last month.

According to the association, 50.2 percent of the complaints targeted quality problems, 10.3 percent pointed to marketing contract problems, 5.3 percent to price issues, 1.7 percent to safety issues, and 1.5 percent to counterfeit products.

According to statistics collected by China Central Television, online shopping received the most complaints, mainly targeting inconsistency between the product's real quality and its description, fake products, after-service and group purchases.

Before March 15, some websites providing group purchases services took steps, such as establishing a special department to safeguard consumers' rights, forming an assessment center for services, creating funds for consumer rights protection and promising timely compensation to consumers, in a bid to gain the trust of consumers.


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