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Beijing to invest $636b in water-related projects

By  Fu Jing in Marseille, France  (China Daily)

10:40, March 15, 2012

China's Minister of Water Resources Chen Lei said the government is planning to invest $636 billion through 2020 in various projects to harness water and prevent related disasters.

Chen said the investment will mainly be channeled from various levels of government, while some of the projects are open to foreign investors.

"Investment will be scaled up in the coming decade and a water financing mechanism with a public budget and revenue as a major channel shall be set up," Chen said at the Ministerial Conference of the World Water Forum, which began on Monday.

No other country in the world faces more challenges in harnessing water than China, he said. The country has a large population with poor access to water, uneven distribution and frequent natural disasters such as floods and droughts.

He said China will continuously strengthen its water resources planning system and consolidate integrated water resources management.

To address water safety, Chen said the Chinese government has decided to speed up the construction of rural water supply projects so that they are completed by 2015.

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