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China responds to rare earth WTO complaint


09:25, March 14, 2012

BEIJING, March 13 (Xinhua) -- China's Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Tuesday that it will properly deal with a dispute settlement request on rare earth made by three major economies in accordance with World Trade Organization (WTO) rules.

The European Union, United States and Japan on Tuesday formally asked the WTO to settle a dispute with China over restrictions placed on exports of raw materials including rare earth elements.

The MOC confirmed in a statement posted on its website that it has received the request for dispute settlement.

"Previously, China has been in constant communication and contact with related countries about its export policy on raw material products, and has emphasized repeatedly that the policy aims to protect resources and the environment, and realize sustainable development," the statement said.

China has no intention of protecting domestic industries by distorting its foreign trade, it added.

"China will properly deal with the request for dispute settlement in accordance with the WTO's settlement procedures," the MOC said.

Earlier Tuesday, Minister of Industry and Information Technology Miao Wei told Xinhua that China is actively preparing to defend itself. "We would feel sorry for their decision to complain to the WTO," he said.

China has abundant reserves of rare earth metals, a group of 17 elements that are vital for manufacturing an array of high-tech products, including cell phones, wind turbines, electric car batteries and missiles.

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Sam Teng at 2012-03-16175.136.182.*
The US and some Western countries had been colluding all this time to ensure they control everything. They set of organizations to set up rules favorable to them and forced other countries to comply. These countries have been playing tricks in the world trade. When their products do not have the competitive advantage in their own countries, they labelled the imported products as "dumping". When they do no want to sell high tech products to China, they imposed the ban. But when they want the rare earth from China, they complained about China"s restricted exports. Thees countries only looked from one angle and that is what is beneficial and advantage to them. They do no care about the justifications of other countries. China has its own policy and limitations on the export of rare earth. It is China who will decide what is the amount they decide to export and China should not succumb to threats and complaints. After all, the rare earth mined in China belongs to China; and it is its rights to do what they deemed fit and suitable. The US, European Union and Japan are only blowing hot air on the issue. And I agree with Nic 175.141.53 that they should mine their own rare earth or else mind your own business.
Nic at 2012-03-15175.141.53.*
If USA wants RE they should start their own mining and mine their own RE. Why bother to trouble China?We still remember when we started to build our country you sanctioned us and even refused to sell us many things including tyres!Yes, Australia, USA"s firm friend wants to process RE in Malaysia which the people there strongly against? They have plenty of RE in Australia so USA should approach Australia to send RE to USA for processing instead of Malaysia.China, be smart , you only have about 30% of the world"s RE. Once depleted, you will be bullied and stumped flat like a pancake. Nobody would pity you!If you export RE make sure it is hundred times more. This will encourage others to open their own mines and process their own RE mines.Why complain to WTO when you don"t even want to open your own mine to process your own RE you require?
foolmad at 2012-03-14117.242.144.*
its also time greece and romans shld know they were developed old civilisations.any way now why us has asked china to stop digging.if we see earth as football china surface and us surface are nearby equivalent,so if china diggs deeper then the resources will start falling from one side ie us land to china land.this is called earth equality principles.after all earth core has to maintain stability on surface.think old time watch principles.chinese will understand if digging done in right way entire resources of high side area can be moved to low lying area.
foolmad at 2012-03-14117.242.144.*
this is a strategy everything of global system is a complex gemoetry of lines.where each point is press one point or reduce strength of one point entire structure will be in trouble.suppose rare earths which are a catalyst for china globa growth,it begins ,naturally capacity and capability of china decreases as aspirations and priorities capability decreases as resources decline.
wende at 2012-03-1471.255.83.*
US and western media are distorting the news by saying China produces 90% of rare earth metals instead of saying China has 30% reserve and yet accounts for 90% of the world"s export. This fact has to be stressed constantly. This is a lopsided development and has to be corrected. China must fight back in WTO to protect its interests. These complainants is forcing China to produce items that endanger the environment and in turn they will press China to clean up its pollution. These people have evil intentions and they should be stopped. Chinese should care about China as nobody else will.

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