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Women own more than 55 percent of houses in Beijing

By Tu Lufang (Beijing Daily)

15:37, March 09, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

More than 55 percent of houses in Beijing are wholly or partially owned by women, according to a survey report recently released by Beijing-based real estate agency Home Link China.

The percentage of female home buyers in Beijing has increased to 47 percent from 45 percent in 2007. Meanwhile, the percentage of houses in the city bought in joint names has climbed to nearly 9 percent from over 1 percent, according to the survey.

More women buy houses on their own in Beijing than in other Asian regions except Taiwan where the percentage of female housing buyers stands at nearly 57 percent. In Shanghai, the percentage is 42 percent.

It is worth noting that the soaring housing prices have changed the tradition that homes for marriage should be purchased by men, with a growing number of couples beginning to share the down payment and mortgage.

In addition, due to a new interpretation of China's Marriage Law, a large number of wives asked to have their name added to the property ownership certificate last year so as to protect their own interests.

Percentages of male and female home buyers in Beijing since 2007

Time                   Male Buyers          Female Buyers       Couple Buyers
2007                   53.7%                    45%                         1.3%
2008                   50.8%                    46%                          3.2%
2009                   48.3%                    45.7%                        6%
2010                   45.9%                    46%                           8.1%
2011                   48%                       43.3%                        8.7%
2012-Present      44.1%                    47%                          8.9%


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