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Six Chinese on list of world's most influential investors

By Dou Hongmei (Beijing Daily)

16:21, March 08, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Six Chinese investors, including John Zhao, founder and CEO of Hony Capital, and Lou Jiwei, chairman of China Investment Corporation, were named among the 100 most influential individuals in private equity over the past decade, according to a recent ranking released by Private Equity International (PEI).

The 100 people have become game changers of private equity in the last decade, PEI said.

Private Equity (PE) is the jewel in the crown of the financial industry. The U.K.-based PEI has been one of the most authority publications servicing the private equity industry since its founding in 2001.

The ranking covers almost all prestigious PE players during the period, including Stephen Schwarzman, chairman and co-founder of Blackstone, as well as David Rubenstein, co-founder of Carlyle Group.

It was the first time that Chinese investors had been ranked among global investment gurus by an authoritative international organization.

In addition to Zhao and Lou, the six Chinese investors on the list include Shan Weijian, chairman and CEO of Pacific Alliance Group, Wu Shangzhi, chairman and managing partner of CDH Investments, Mary Ma, founder of Boyu Capital, and K.Y. Tang, chairman and managing partner of Affinity Equity Partners.


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