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Starbucks China: Brewing up a success coffee story

By Huang Ying  (China Daily)

16:07, March 01, 2012

Servers help customers at a Starbucks Corp outlet in Beijing. Starbucks opened its first cafe on the Chinese mainland on Jan 11, 1999, (Photo/China Daily)

BEIJING - When Belinda Wong heard the news that she was to be appointed Starbucks China president last July, she said the first thing that came into her mind was when she could take up the position.

"Starbucks is building a really exciting growth story in China and I am really excited to be part of this development," Wong said.

The major mission for her is to help Starbucks fulfill its target of setting up 1,500 outlets on the Chinese mainland by the year 2015. There are currently 550.

"As we grow in scale in China, we will also contribute to creating job opportunities in the cities where we operate. We estimate that Starbucks will triple its employment in China to 30,000 when we reach the goal," Wong said.

However, Starbucks is not the only coffee brand with ambitious expansion plans in China. The promising market has also attracted other players in the field, such as British brand Costa Coffee and Hong Kong-based Pacific Coffee Co.

Costa Coffee runs more than 120 stores in China at present, far fewer than Starbucks, but it aims to take a third of the market share on the Chinese mainland by expanding to 2,500 outlets by 2018.

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Starbucks: brewing up a success story

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