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Jordan sues Chinese sportswear company

By Wang Qingchu (Shanghai Daily)

16:53, February 23, 2012

NBA legend Michael Jordan today filed a lawsuit in a Chinese court against a sportswear producer for allegedly infringing on his name rights.

Fujian Province-based Qiaodan Sports Co Ltd was accused of building a business off Jordan's Chinese name without his permission, using the iconic number 23 and even attempting to use the names of his children, Jordan said on his official website.

The company registered and used the Chinese character of Jordan. Its logo is a flying silhouette of the former Chicago Bulls superstar. Its sales amounted to 2.9 billion yuan (US$461 million) in 2010 and the company is seeking an initial public offering.

"This complaint is not about money. It's about principle and protecting my name. Any monetary awards I might receive will be invested in growing the sport of basketball in China," Jordan said on the website.


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