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AA-HA codeshare agreement approved

By Chen Qide  (

08:58, February 22, 2012

SHANGHAI - US Department of Transportation has approved American Airlines' (AA) reciprocal codeshare agreement with Hainan Airlines(HA), giving customers more options on flights in US-China markets.

"The decision was made after Chinese Vice-President Xi Jinping appeared at the White House on Tuesday with US President Barack Obama," Will Ris, Senior Vice President, Government Affairs for AMR Corp and American Airlines, said on Thursday.

Ris said this new codeshare relationship with HA, China's fourth largest carrier, will promote travel and tourism and further strengthen economic and cultural ties between the US and China.

"A codeshare relationship will allow AA and HA to efficiently connect Chinese air travelers from cities throughout China to the US via Beijing and Shanghai," he said. "Similarly, the approval will create more convenient travel options for US consumers when traveling to China."

According to AA, with this approval, HA will be able to display the AA designator code on its flights between the US and China (currently the Seattle-Beijing air route) and on its flights within China beyond AA's Beijing and Shanghai gateways.

In addition, AA may now display the HU code on its flights between the US and China (currently Chicago-Beijing, Chicago-Shanghai and Los Angeles-Shanghai air routes) and on flights operated by AA within the US beyond HA's Seattle gateway, said Ris.


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