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Trade center may act as European hub

By Cecily Liu  (China Daily)

09:21, February 21, 2012

ATHLONE, Ireland - A proposed development project in Ireland may soon change the way Chinese products are brought to Europe.

The project, known as the Europe China Trading Hub, will provide space for Chinese manufacturers and traders to display their products to European and international buyers.

The hub would be located in Athlone, a town of 18,000 in central Ireland, 90 minutes by train from Dublin airport.

"The ECTH will bring Chinese goods to Europe, thereby saving importers the travel costs to China and also give them a feeling of security when paying in advance for their orders," says John Tiernan, chief executive of Athlone Business Park, the development company that submitted the planning application for the project's first phase in May.

The project's investor is a Chinese development company, which is unwilling to reveal its name. Funds for the project will come from a combination of private equity and pre-sales of exhibition spaces.

Tiernan says that the Chinese investors considered a number of venues in Britain, Ireland, the Netherlands and Belgium, but decided upon Athlone in 2008.

"They were looking for a patch of 121.4 hectares of land held by a single owner, and they needed an area that would not be affected by adjacent developments, and Athlone was a good choice," he said.

Plans for the project predict that at least 400 Chinese businesses will use the trade hub to launch their products in Europe, according to recent newspaper reports.

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romanov at 2012-02-2280.94.16.*
2012-2-21.Hub?I see seat"s european center in cellar"s.European a idea where sense a logic.Demonstration-Hungary business with China to find in Ireland?Cost"s.To call local ireland"s invention.
PD User at 2012-02-21183.39.55.*
Great example of trust and friendship!

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