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Statisticians ensure accurate companies' data

By Chen Jia (

08:49, February 21, 2012

BEIJING - The newly-launched online data report system of the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) is running well and is now stable, directly collecting basic company statistics to ensure the accuracy of economic indicators, said a top statistical official on Monday.

Since Saturday, about 10 percent of the required 700,000 companies in the industrial, retail and real estate sectors have uploaded their operational information to the unified national data center.

"Thousands of statisticians have been sent into companies to supervise and support the reporting work and make sure that the data is accurate," Ma Jiantang, the NBS chief said on Monday.

In Guangdong Province, 2.1 percent of the 66,000 companies had reported the data to the new system by the end of last week. In Shandong Province, more than 2,000 businesses had uploaded their statistics by Monday morning.

The national data of industrial outputs and companies' profit for the first two months of this year will be calculated based on the new system. The figures are scheduled to be released on March 9, according to the NBS.


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