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Vanke: No evidence found of floor poisonous

By Huang Yuli (

08:47, February 21, 2012

Shenzhen, Guangdong province - Vanke said on Monday the company had not found any evidence so far to prove that the A&W floor it used for its decorated flats is poisonous. Results of the initial investigation will be released on Feb 27.

On Feb 16 a post in an online forum, which got widespread coverage, said that in more than 10 cities, over 10,000 flats decorated by Vanke – one of the leading real estate companies in China - had used laminate wooden flooring (called A&W) that contained excessive levels of formaldehyde. It also uploaded evidence of the floor supplier offering bribes to a member of Vanke's staff surnamed Song.

The poster said her name was Li Xiaoyan, who was deputy editor-in-chief of a furnishing magazine, and had left a cell phone number for making contact.

Tan Wenji, Vanke's Board Secretary said at a press conference on Monday afternoon that Vanke has stopped purchasing from A&W, the foreign owned floor manufacture, which has one company in Shanghai and one in Suzhou, and sealed up all the A&W floors for investigation as soon as they found out about the story one hour after the article had been posted.

According to him, the samples are from the company's off cuts after each floor installation, and ones that have been purchased but not yet installed. He said the first batch of A&W floor samples had been sent to Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision. The result will come out on Feb 27, while investigation of all the samples will be finished in early or mid March.

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