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'Linsanity' strikes local sportswear industry

By Wang Wen (

08:22, February 21, 2012

"Linsanity" has struck China's sportswear industry.

Several Chinese brands are already fighting for the right to represent Jeremy Lin, the Harvard-educated Chinese-American who has become the New York Knicks' star point guard.

Xu Zhihua, chief executive officer of Peak Sport Products Co Limited, a sportswear manufacturer based in Fujian province, went to the US last week and is said to be meeting with Lin about an endorsement contract.

"Our CEO met with Lin in New York, but I have no idea whether they talked about a contract," said Liu Xiang, Peak's public relations director.

Liu said Xu went to the US to attend the opening of Peak's first store in New York last Thursday.

Other manufacturers, including Li Ning Co Ltd and Qiaodan Sports Co Ltd, have also shown interest in Lin, but refused to comment before contracts are signed.

The greatest obstacle for Chinese manufacturers is Lin's three-year contract with Nike Inc, which he signed in 2010.

Online vendors are not standing on ceremony, however.

"Lin's uniform is already the best-seller in my online shop," said one vendor surnamed Chen, who sells NBA players' uniforms on

Chen said he had sold 426 of Lin's jerseys by Monday afternoon, but had yet to receive the goods from his supplier.


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ry at 2012-02-26198.108.104.*
Jeremy Lin is great. We should be honored. Not surprised about his commercial success. They even have a very positive song about him called, "Jeremy Lin Meets Faith" that is free to hear on iTunes. I am proud. Hopefully he also keeps studying.

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