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China’s trade surplus to fall sharply in 2012

(People's Daily)

15:03, February 13, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Fluctuations in cross-border capital flows intensified in China at the end of 2011, putting the country under great capital outflow pressure due to both domestic and foreign market and policy factors, the State Administration of Foreign Exchange (SAFE) recently said.

China is expected to maintain a surplus in international payments in 2012, but the surplus will fall sharply with greater volatility. The country’s international payments are gradually moving toward balance.

China’s international payments will move closer to balance this year mainly for four reasons. First, the European debt crisis and slow global economic recovery will have a negative impact on China’s export growth.

Second, China’s foreign trade development will be more balanced, and current account will move closer to balance, as the country continues to accelerate transforming its economic growth model.

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JJ at 2012-02-14124.13.92.*
China balance of trade is on the decline towards a balance trade account has few implications, tough not too worring but still China must watchout for the heating up spending spree amongst the richer income group. Brand name and overseas products in subsitiution to China product inside mainland China "s concumer behaviour in not healthy at all, plus many published unconfirmed stories about China"s product safety and hygienic auality in doubts must be dealt with and counter to ensure the tarnished image of China product is maintained and being trusted, especially on eleronic goods and rpocessed food and medical supply. Consumer watch must be on alert in quiker response to news of products in doulbt or facing negative publicity. The culprits that produces fictitious goods must be serverly dealt with and checking on standards must be put into full gear to counter esport market confidence.

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