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Website will take on group-buying giants via China

By Su Zhou (China Daily)

13:53, February 04, 2012

Danielle and Jonathan Jenkins work closely with a Chinese jewelry supplier. Provided to China Daily

HANGZHOU - Jonathan and Danielle Jenkins, a young couple from Texas in the United States, want to challenge Jack Ma's e-commerce empire. Even though they speak little Mandarin, the Jenkins' started in July in Hangzhou, the cradle of Ma's Alibaba Group.

The group-buying website allows small and medium-sized Western companies to buy high-quality products in bulk from Chinese factories. In turn, this allows the retailers to save money and earn greater profits.

OrderWithMe competes with AliExpress, a similar platform operated by Alibaba, but the Jenkins' said they can do better.

"Most small businesses cannot order directly from Chinese factories because they cannot meet the factory minimum quantity. Small businesses are also wary of buying a product from China without seeing it first," said Jonathan Jenkins.

By grouping orders from multiple small businesses together, OrderWithMe gives retailers the opportunity to meet the minimum order requirements.

In six months, OrderWithMe has already handled $100,000 in transactions. Businesses log on to the website, browse products and pre-pay for the items they want. If the order is worth more than $250, the items are delivered free of charge.

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