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Air China granted Canada Transit Without Visa and China Transit Trial status


11:13, January 27, 2012

VANCOUVER, Jan. 26 (Xinhua)-- Air China, the country's national flag carrier, announced on Thursday that it has been granted Transit Without Visa (TWOV) and China Transit Trial (CTT) status from the Canadian government authorities.

Effective from Feb. 1, 2012, citizens of China and other certain Asian countries who are Air China flight passengers in direct transit through Canada's Vancouver (YVR) on their way to or from the United States will not be required to obtain a Canadian Temporary Residence Permit.

According to Air China (Canada), passengers must hold a confirmed onward ticket to and from the U.S. within the same day of arrival and within the scheduled hours of the U.S.-Intransit Pre-Clearance facility (USITPC) at Vancouver International Airport.

"It is a landmark achievement for Air China and our management team in China and throughout Canada to be the first and only Chinese Mainland carrier invited by Canadian authorities to join TWOV and CTT," He Zhigang, general manager of Air China (Canada), said.

"The U.S.-Intransit Pre-Clearance facility at YVR provides seamless and convenient connections, including pre-clearance of U. S. Customs and Immigration. Additionally, the ability to transport our Chinese customers via the Vancouver Asia Pacific Gateway to their final destination in the United States will help us to continue to expand our flights from Beijing to Vancouver."

Air China has a fleet of 306 Airbus and Boeing aircraft. Its network of 289 routes extends throughout Asia to the Middle East, Europe, South and North America from its main hub at Beijing Capital International Airport. It offers over 6,000 flights with more than 1 million seats per week.


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