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China establishes Ship Dynamic Monitoring Center

(People's Daily)

16:40, January 20, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Shanghai Maritime Safety Administration recently announced that the China Ship Dynamic Monitoring Center will be established in the city.

The monitoring center will serve as a national maritime cloud-computing platform, which integrates various marine information resources, and promotes the adoption of advanced maritime technologies under the guidance of the China Maritime Safety Administration.

The center will provide efficient and convenient coordinated maritime management and other services to boost the development of China’s shipping industry, and lay an information foundation for building Shanghai into an international shipping center.

Statistics showed that about 29 traffic accidents occurred in waters in Shanghai in 2011, resulting in 13 shipwrecks and 18 deaths as well as over 189 million yuan in direct economic loss. Overall, the city faces a basically stable water safety situation.


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