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Having the bottle to invest in red wine

By Tang Zhihao  (China Daily)

10:38, January 16, 2012

SHANGHAI - China's booming interest in the wine industry is set to get another boost thanks to the sprinkling of a little stardust.

The first batch of wine known as Yao Ming 2009 Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon from the former basketball player's own Napa Valley wine company is ready at 3,800 yuan a magnum - but none of the 1,200 bottles of wine will be sold on the open market.

Yao, who retired from the professional court in July 2011, announced the debut of Yao Ming Wine on Nov 23, 2011, along with his Napa Valley wine company, Yao Family Wines.

He is not the only celebrity in China targeting the booming red wine market. Ding Lei, the founder and chief executive officer of Netease, invested in H&L Wine in Zhejiang province in June 2011. The wine trading company aims to trade imported wine from France at prices ranging from 100 yuan ($16) to thousands of yuan. The company has set up offices in several large cities including Shanghai and Guangzhou. Netease said for Ding the investment is a personal hobby and not part of the company's business.

Zhao Wei, a Chinese movie star sometimes known by her English name Vicki Zhao, is reportedly buying a winery in France worth some 4 million euros. It is said she might sell the wine in China.

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