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Honda recalls CR-Vs with defective headlights

By Fang Yunyu (Global Times)

08:58, January 12, 2012

Dongfeng Honda Automobile Co will recall 50,410 CR-V vehicles manufactured between September 5 and November 23 last year in China, according to the country's quality watchdog yesterday.

The General Administration of Quality Supervision Inspection and Quarantine (AQSIQ) announced that the internal headlights of the affected automobiles lack heat resistance.

"The faulty headlights' wirings may fuse under extreme conditions, which contains a potential danger," said a statement posted on the watchdog's website.

"The recall is effective today," Honda spokesman Zhu Linjie told the Global Times yesterday.

The company promised it would check all impacted vehicles and change the defective headlights for free to eliminate further risks.

The automaker said yesterday on its website that the problem was caused by a manufacturing defect by the headlight provider.

Dongfeng Hongda's dealerships will notify customers of the recall through mail or phone call. Car owners can also contact AQSIQ's defective product control center hotlines for more information.

The joint venture between Dongfeng Motor Corporation and Honda Motor Company in December announced a recall of 2,270 Civic sedans because of faulty steering wheels.


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