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Microsoft to sue Buynow, Gome over counterfeiting

By Yu Xi (Global Times)

13:30, January 10, 2012

Microsoft China has initiated legal proceedings against Chinese household appliance retailer Gome Electrical Appliances Holdings and consumer electronics market Buynow Co for selling computers with counterfeit Windows and Office software, according to a Microsoft statement Monday.

The company said in its statement that it has got evidence showing the Shanghai branch of Gome and two computer shops in Beijing Buynow mall sold computers installed with counterfeit Microsoft software which is a violation of Microsoft's copyrights.

"Gome and Buynow's practices are unfair to retailers selling authorized software, and also bring security risks for customers," Yu Weidong, Microsoft China's senior director of IPR issues, said in the statement.

Microsoft asked Gome and Buynow to stop copyright violation and to pay compensation, but did not disclose the specific details.

In November last year, Shenzhen-based Oyo Netwtu ork Technology Co was fined 800,000 yuan ($126,400) by the authorities for distributing counterfeit Microsoft software, Microsoft China said.

Buynow said in a statement sent to the Global Times Monday that they would enforce contracts with shop owners and punish sellers who violated regulations.

A Gome spokeswoman Monday declined to comment on the issue.

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