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China to open delivery market to foreign firms

(People's Daily)

16:29, January 09, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

China's State Post Bureau is reviewing the application for a license to do business in the country filed by certain foreign express delivery firms, the bureau's Director Ma Junsheng revealed on Jan. 5, adding that the country will open its express delivery market to foreign firms in a gradual and orderly way.

Ma said at present, there are about 7,500 express delivery firms in China. It is estimated that major express delivery firms in the country made nearly 3.7 billion deliveries in 2011, up 56 percent from the previous year.

The country’s maximum daily delivery quantity exceeded 18 million pieces. The revenue of the country’s major express delivery firms amounted to 75 billion yuan last year, up 31 percent from the previous year.

At present, China's express delivery firms cannot meet the growing market demand brought about by the rapid development of e-commerce, and are thus under great expansion pressure. There have been a lot of complaints among domestic customers about faulty or delayed express deliveries, indicating low public satisfaction.

The State Post Bureau said that this year, it will establish and improve a peak-season express delivery service support mechanism, in a bid to improve domestic express delivery services during peak seasons. In addition, it will impose a set of clear and strict standards on express delivery services during peak seasons.


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