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IKEA issues faulty highchair recall

(Shanghai Daily)

10:12, January 09, 2012

AN IKEA highchair - almost 20,000 of which were sold in Shanghai - is being recalled globally after injuries to several children.

The recall applies to IKEA's Antilop highchair, which comes in red, blue and white, and were produced between July 2006 and November 2009.

Only chairs with supplier number 17389 are affected, IKEA said.

IKEA said 60,374 Antilop highchairs are to be recalled in China, including 19,496 sold in Shanghai.

The high chairs were said to have faulty belts that "open unexpectedly," endangering children.

The furniture giant said it has received eight reports of belts opening and that children suffered minor injuries in three of these incidents.

Owners are urged to visit local IKEA stores or contact IKEA Customer Services toll-free at 400 800 2345 to receive a free replacement belt. Customers can identify whether their chair is from the faulty batch by checking the codes moulded into the underside of the seat.


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