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183m yuan unexplained in charity financial report

By Lu Feiran (Shanghai Daily)

08:30, January 09, 2012

THE Shanghai Charity Foundation has published its first annual fiscal report - but does not say how exactly a surplus of almost 183 million yuan (US$28.9 million) was used.

Its figures were released against a national backdrop of charity scandals last year.

The foundation said last year it received more than 734 million yuan in donations.

About 551 million yuan of the donations was spent on its medical care, education, and senior and needy people aiding programs, the foundation's figures showed.

Among programs, the foundation spent most on needy families - including widespread donation distribution before Chinese New Year's Day.

However, the report sheds little light on how the remaining cash, totaling 182.5 million yuan, was spent.

Officials said part of this was for "administrative expenses," while the remainder will be spent on programs this year.

But they didn't reveal how much "administrative expenses" accounted for.

The foundation said its fundraising wasn't affected by financial scandals that hit some charities in China last year, and that it received more donations than in 2010.

Officials said their figures have not yet been audited, and they will publish the results once this is done.

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