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iPhone 4S set for debut next Friday

By Zhu Shenshen (Shanghai Daily)

08:49, January 06, 2012

Apple will debut its latest iPhone 4S model on the Chinese mainland next Friday and prices will start from 4,988 yuan (US$790).

The model will be available in Apple's five retail stores in Shanghai and Beijing, as well as authorized retailers.

"Customer response to our products in China has been off the charts," Tim Cook, Apple's CEO, said in a statement late Wednesday. "With the launch in China next week, the iPhone 4S will be available in over 90 countries, making this our fastest iPhone rollout ever."

Apple will sell both the white and black iPhone 4S with 16 GB (gigabyte), 32 GB and 64 GB of memory.

Meanwhile China Unicom has not released details to sell the iPhone 4S under contract, but industry insiders speculated the phone with a contract will cost from 5,880 yuan, similar to the iPhone 4 package.

The iPhone 4S features Siri which lets a user use his voice to send messages, set meetings and place phone calls.


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