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Two cities in agreement as Shanghai, HK get together

(Shanghai Daily)

08:27, January 06, 2012

A toast to future cooperation by Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng (right) and Hong Kong Chief Executive Donald Tsang after the two cities signed four agreements yesterday to promote collaboration in commerce, culture, human resources and health care.
Photo by Zhang Suoqing

Shanghai and Hong Kong signed four comprehensive cooperation agreements yesterday.

They will promote collaboration in commerce, culture, human resources and health care.

A proposal aimed at strengthening partnership in areas including finance, logistics, tourism, technology, education and social governance was also worked out at the second meeting of the Hong Kong/Shanghai Economic and Trade Cooperation Conference in Shanghai.

"The fast changing world offers new opportunities for both cities. It makes the need for closer cooperation all the more urgent," Shanghai Mayor Han Zheng said. "The two cities should deepen as well as expand cooperation under the framework of the Closer Economic Partnership Agreement."

Under the new proposal, Shanghai will encourage more Hong Kong firms to engage in Shanghai's service industry and advanced manufacturing, building up an amiable investment environment for Hong Kong companies to grow in the city.

Meanwhile, Hong Kong will offer more support for Shanghai firms to explore overseas markets, assisting them in legal services, auditing, exhibitions and innovation.

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