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China builds first 200-million-ton coal base

By Chu Guoqiang (Beijing Daily)

17:16, January 05, 2012

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Corporation produced 202 million tons of commercial coal in 2011, becoming the first 200-million-ton commercial coal production base in China.

The company said it had set several new records in coal output and sales in 2011. Its annual output of raw and commercial coal both exceeded 200 million tons. To be more specific, its raw coal output reached 219 million tons in 2011, up nearly 11.2 million tons from the previous year. Meanwhile, its commercial coal output reached 202 million tons, up nearly 9.3 million tons from the previous year.

The company’s Shendong coalfield covers a total area of 31,200 square kilometers, and is partly located in northern Yulin in Shaanxi province and partly in southern Ordos in Inner Mongolia.

The coalfield has 223.6 billion tons of proven coal reserves, the largest in China. Shenhua Shendong Coal Group Corporation has built the world’s only 10-million-ton coal mine complex in the coalfield.

At present, there are seven 10-million-ton coal mines and three 20-million-ton coal mines in the coalfield.


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elee at 2012-01-05183.39.41.*
But make sure that mony is ploughed back to local folks and upgrading of living standards of villages and townships; are these happening as seen in the western world where resource rich places are beautifully done up with full amenities and locals are wealthier too?

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