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Taiwan OKs online purchase with UnionPay card


16:18, January 04, 2012

Edited and translated by Yao Chun, People's Daily Online

Taiwanese has approved the use of UnionPay card in Taiwan’s online purchase. From now on, costumers from the mainland can make purchase at Taiwanese special online stores with UnionPay card.

Zhang Guoming, an official from a financial institution of Taiwan, said with the opening of this business, residents on the mainland can buy Taiwan’s specialties online with UnionPay card rather than coming to Taiwan personally.

In July 2009, Taiwan permitted the use of UnionPay card in bricks-and-mortar shops and financial institutions on the island

According to statistics, as of November of 2011, the UnionPay card has been used in more than 46,000 shops all over Taiwan, and the total consumption hit 29.96 billion New Taiwan dollars.

China UnionPay card is the most popular credit card and debit card in Chinese mainland with an issuance amount of more than 1.8 billion.

Adding UnionPay card as a new way to pay for Taiwan’s online purchase can attract more customers from Chinese mainland, which helps increase the income of Taiwanese shoppers and service charge of the banks on this island.


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