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Claims of piracy fly between top two video portals

By Wang Yi (China Daily)

11:19, December 28, 2011

The two leading video-sharing portals in China are suing each other for more than 100 million yuan ($15.8 million), each claiming the other is pirating its content.

In mid-December announced it would file a lawsuit against, which in turn said it was the victim of piracy and will also ask for more than 100 million yuan in compensation.

The public dispute grabbed headlines in the Chinese media and again put copyright concerns in the spotlight.

Yu Bin, financial and legal vice-president of Tudou, told a press conference on Dec 16 that the fracas started over Tudou's exclusive Chinese mainland deal for the Taiwan-made TV program Kangxi Come.

With a copyright in force from Dec 1 until the end of November next year, Yu said the show has already been pirated by other portals including Youku.

He alleged that most of the infringing videos on Youku were directly uploaded by its editors.

In his microblog Tudou CEO Wang Wei said Youku carried unauthorized content including Kangxi Come and sold ads in the videos, adding that the pirated content was even recommended by Youku's editors.

Links to infringing videos have now surpassed 80,000, he added.

The intentional piracy could take the online TV and movie industry back to the chaos littered with copyright disputes of two years ago, he said.

Youku fired back, asserting that more than 100 films and entertainment programs as well as its proprietary videos have been pirated by Tudou.

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