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China unveils its first super-speed test train

By Tu Lufang (Beijing Daily)

07:26, December 28, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

CSR Sifang Company, a subsidiary of China’s leading train maker CSR Corporation Limited, recently unveiled the country’s first independently developed super-speed test train, providing a research platform for improving the safety and reliability of commercial high-speed trains.

The test train marks a significant progress in the prospective study on high-speed trains, and will give China a greater saying in the global high-speed rail sector.

China's high-speed train CRH380A set a new world train speed record at 486.1 kilometers per hour on Dec. 3, 2010. The super-speed test train was developed based on CRH380A, and is completely different from mass-produced commercial trains because its main function is to provide a testing platform for establishing a safe and reliable high-speed rail system.

The test train has a sword-shaped head and a rocket-shaped rear end like that of CRH380A. After extensive conceptual design, simulation analysis and wind tunnel experiments, designers worked out a combination of a sword-shaped head and a rocket-shaped rear end for the test train, which can minimize the air resistance on the locomotive and the life force on the rear end of the test train.

“CSR Corporation Limited independently developed this cutting-edge product, which meets internationally accepted technical standards. The test train not only provides a platform for developing safer and faster high-speed trains, but also lays a solid foundation for China’s high-speed train exports,” the company’s chief technician Ma Yunshuang said.


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