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China to build "maritime highway"

By Xue Zhiwei (The Economic Daily)

16:52, December 26, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

In the next three to five years, China will strive to build a safe, convenient, unblocked and green "maritime highway" in the coastal waters across the country.

The Maritime Safety Administration (MSA) under the Ministry of Transport recently released the "Overall Plan of the National Coastal Ship Routing" and the "Overall Plan of the National Coastal Route."

According to the plans, China will gradually implement ship routing in the traffic-intensive area, ships convergence zone and accident-prone area of the coastal waters, and fully complete the overall plan of coastal route within 10 years.

Cao Desheng, deputy secretary of the MSA said, "Ship routing is an effective way to regulate the marine navigation order in complex waters. It will greatly reduce ship traffic accidents by providing respective routes for the ships."

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Observer at 2011-12-27180.190.254.*
Hmmmm... no mention of a route through the disputed waters... but no doubt it is hidden in the message.

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