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Bank reserves 'may be cut again next year'

By Wei Tian (China Daily)

08:10, December 26, 2011

BEIJING - The reserve requirement for banks may be further reduced next year to allow more lending but that does not signify a policy change, a former central bank official said on Sunday.

Wu Xiaoling, a former deputy governor of the People's Bank of China, said at a Beijing forum that cutting the requirement would be a major tool in fine-tuning a prudent monetary policy.

"There might be a series of reserve requirement cuts next year if foreign exchange purchases continue to decline, but that does not indicate a change in stance," Wu said.

Reducing the reserve requirement, the amount of money banks must keep to guarantee deposits, makes more money available to lend.

Foreign exchange purchases, the amount of domestic currency issued to purchase foreign currency to maintain a stable exchange rate, consists of foreign direct investment, trade surpluses and foreign capital inflow, much of it speculative.

According to central bank data, China's yuan positions in foreign exchange purchases fell 27.9 billion yuan ($4.43 billion) in November from the previous month, to 25.45 trillion yuan.

This was the second drop in a row and the largest monthly decline since December 2007.

The drop was accompanied by a recent depreciation of the yuan against the US dollar.

Analysts see China's foreign exchange purchases as a proxy for foreign capital entering the country, so they believe the drop in recent months suggests speculators are pulling out funds as the global economy wobbles.

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