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Economic restructuring a "matter of life and death" for China: economist


13:41, December 25, 2011

BEIJING, Dec. 24 (Xinhua) -- Renowned China economist Li Yining said Saturday that adjusting the structure of China's economy is a "matter of life and death" while the structure of GDP is more important than its size.

The focus of the country's economic structure adjustment now should be transforming the dual structure in the urban and rural economy, which causes the widening income gaps between urban and rural residents, Li said at the China Economic Forum.

He also noted that the key to stimulating domestic demand is to raise the workers' wages.

With the external demand waned, the Chinese government has attempted to turn to domestic consumers to take up the slack. The country vows to expand domestic demand next year and increase residents' income, especially for disadvantaged groups.

However, Li said raising household income is not enough and the government also needs to improve its social security system as well as increase construction of affordable houses and public rental houses.

The country plans to begin construction or renovation on at least 7 million housing units for low-income groups next year, Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development Jiang Weixin said Friday.


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