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US bans HTC smart phones for infringing Apple patent

By Sun Chaoyi (Beijing Daily)

16:57, December 22, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

Just after the dust settled over Apple's patent-infringement battles with Samsung and Motorola in Germany, the U.S. International Trade Commission recently issued a final ruling in Apple's patent lawsuit against HTC.

The commission ruled that HTC infringed on one of Apple's patents, and imposed a ban on the sale of certain HTC smart phones in the United States. The ban will take effect starting April 19, 2012.

HTC was accused of infringing the patent of a user interface which allows a user to embed a phone number in a text message or e-mail easily, and allows the receiver to directly tap the number to call back or send a text message.

As it is a popular application in smart phones, the ruling is expected to have a considerable impact on the sales of HTC smart phones in North America.

HTC said that it was very disappointed with the final ruling, but has already prepared to avoid the losses. The company will remove that interface from all of its smart phones and introduce an alternative design before April next year to continue the sales in the North American smart phone market.

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