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New duty-free shop opens in Haikou

By Huang Xiaohui (People's Daily)

15:14, December 22, 2011

Edited and Translated by People's Daily Online

China's first duty-free shop which has the provincial-level concession for duty-free products opened in Haikou, capital of Hainan province, on Dec. 21, marking the beginning of the full implementation of the central government's policy for building Hainan into an international tourism island.

The shop is the first duty-free shop at an airport on the Chinese mainland.

Unlike another duty-free shop which opened in the tourist resort of Sanya in April this year, the Haikou shop is a joint venture between HNA Hainan International Tourism Island Development Company and Hainan Duty Free Group solely funded by the Hainan provincial government.

The joint venture is controlled by Hainan Duty Free Group, which has obtained approval to operate duty-free business and to set up new duty-free shops in the island province.

Hainan has made another major breakthrough in carrying out its pilot off-shore duty-free program. If the pilot program succeeds, Hainan Duty Free Group can apply to the State Council to set up new duty-free shops in the province.

The Haikou duty-free shop is located at the Meilan International Airport, and tourists can take the goods they buy there back home easily and conveniently.

Furthermore, tourists who have bought duty-free goods worth less than 5,000 yuan in Sanya can use up their quota at the duty-free shop in Haikou before leaving Hainan from the Meilan International Airport. Under this circumstance, they enjoy a greater range of choices when buying duty-free goods.

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