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Lenovo unveils Ultrabook sub-brand

By Zhu Shenshen (Shanghai Daily)

10:07, December 22, 2011

LENOVO Group Ltd will invest heavily on developing super-mobility laptop models, such as introducing a new sub-brand for the so-called Ultrabook, China's biggest personal computer maker said in Shanghai yesterday.

It was the latest move by the traditional PC giants, including Lenovo, Dell Inc and Acer Inc, to penetrate the Ultrabook sector to challenge the dominance of Apple with its Macbook Air.

The Ultrabook refers to laptops with super-mobility, nice design and long battery life. The new type of laptop and the new Windows 8 are the two major engines that will fuel sales of PC, analysts said.

"It's the trend of the industry. We have decided to establish a new brand of Ultrabooks," Lenovo China President Chen Xudong said during a new product event yesterday.

Lenovo launched the new ideapad U300s in Shanghai yesterday, which features super mobility and an 8-hour battery life.

Apple's Macbook Air still dominates the super-mobility laptop market but this will change within the next two or three years, industry insiders said. Other PC makers, like Dell and Acer, have also entered the growing sector with new products but relatively low price.

The average price of an Ultrabook is US$1,000 now and it will drop to US$700 in 2012, according to Acer.

Prices of Lenovo's new laptops start from 9,999 yuan (US$1,562), higher than that of Apple's Macbook Air starting at 7,698 yuan.

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