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China's large aircraft: The road of innovation

By Qian Chunxuan (Xinhua)

09:11, December 21, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

On the morning of Dec. 9, Su Bo, vice minister of Industry and Information Technology announced that the research and development work of the preliminary design stage for C919 large passenger aircraft had been complete and valid, and the overall technical scheme of the aircraft was reasonable and feasible, so that the project was ready to enter the detailed design stage.

Overcome technical difficulties

C919 large passenger aircraft is designed to consume 12 percent to 15 percent less fuel than today’s similar sized aircraft per seat per kilometer, with two percent reduction in empty weight per seat and 50 percent reduction in pollution emissions.

Wu Guanghui, vice president of Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China and chief designer of C919 large aircraft said the corporation has developed 40 key technologies and solved more than 100 technical problems. Since its establishment, the corporation has applied for over 170 pieces of patent, of which more than 40 pieces have been granted.

Innovation ultimately relies on talents

The manufacturing of large aircraft relies on national power and comprehensive capabilities of technology; but ultimately, it relies on talents, and to be specific, on designers.

Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China actively implements the talents strategy to strengthen the enterprise, and increased its number of employees from more than 3,800 at its establishment to more than 7,100 at present, brought in 669 overseas talents, among which 13 were selected for the "Thousand Talents Program".

A technical talents team is formed with over a hundred technical personnel above the rank of deputy director of designers, supporting the R&D of the aircraft model and the development construction of the company.

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PD User at 2011-12-2176.124.224.*
To Whom this may serveThis may not be a news to Chinese authorities BUT this is indeed true tformer US Amb. Jon Hunstman admitted to creating more Chinese dissidents. I suspect Gay Locke is doing the same.Hereis the admission taken during the debate:
helen at 2011-12-21203.82.82.*
Very soon after China emulated and surpassed foreign powers in Science and Technology, Western intelligence would be even more active to pilfer Chinese discoveries and inventions. In the meantime, US intelligence services are preoccupied in creating ethnic chaos in China, subverting and undermining the Chinese government and the Chinese people. The thing is with New China, the Chinese people will never lose out to others!

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