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Poland and China ink cooperation agreements

By Wang Yanlin (Shanghai Daily)

09:30, December 20, 2011

POLAND and China signed several business cooperation agreements yesterday in Shanghai during President Bronislaw Komorowski's official visit.

The Polish Information and Foreign Investment Agency inked a business memorandum with SANY Group Co Ltd to further develop heavy manufacturing in Poland. The agency also partnered the Shanghai Commission of Commerce to accelerate business collaboration between Polish cities and Shanghai.

Meanwhile, Shanghai Technology Innovation Center was encouraged to boost cooperation with its Polish counterpart.

Kmomorowski, who witnessed the new partnerships, said Poland warmly welcomes foreign investors to look for opportunities in the country which is privatizing some of its industries and improving its urban infrastructure.

"The Polish economy remains solid against the eurozone debt crisis, and we expect to become a gateway for Chinese investors to access the European market," Komorowski said. He added that Poland's gross domestic product will grow 4 percent annually this year.

Poland is privatizing some of its key industries, including power generation, telecommunications, new energy, apparel, medicine and aviation.

Komorowski, who is making the first visit in 14 years to China by a Polish head of state, arrived in Beijing yesterday afternoon and will meet top Chinese leaders.


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