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China to debut green tax to spur environmental protection by 2015

By  Li Xiaoshu (Global Times)

11:17, December 19, 2011

China will begin implementing its long-awaited new green tax by 2015, a senior Chinese official said over the weekend, indicating that the country will rely more on the market instruments to achieve its target of lowering carbon emission.

"The new green tax is likely to help boost fiscal revenue and make room for adjustments in corporate tax," said Jia Kang, director of the Institute of Fiscal Science under the Ministry of Finance, in Shanghai Saturday.

The remarks indicate that the Chinese government has prioritized the tax reform in its agenda, analysts said.

Environmental taxes are typically designed to include the social costs of the carbon footprint of production and procurement of goods, noted Wang Can, professor at the Research Center for In

ternational Environmental Policy at Tsinghua University.

"The implementation of the green tax would be a step forward in regulating the use of resources and energy," Wang told the Global Times.

Calls for a comprehensive environmental tax have grown in recent years, as China's breakneck development has taken a heavy toll on its resources and environment.

However, some believe that the tax only scratches the surface of the country's environmental problems.

"The root cause of environmental degradation is an unsustainable economic growth model and a lack of effective punishment for big polluters," Han Zhiguo, an independent economist in Beijing, yesterday wrote on Sina Weibo, a Chinese microblogging site.

"The green tax, a short-term remedial measure, may finally turn into another burden for companies and consumers."

"The government should prevent abuse of the tax by some local governments to gain revenues," Zhou Ji, an environmental economics and management professor at Renmin University of China, told the Global Times.

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JkEeitVgc at 2012-03-1191.224.161.*
China has the largest US dlloar foreign reserves in the world about a trillion and growing daily. A good deal of that reserve, or profit, has been retained by not spending it on other things including cleaner energy alternatives. That trillion dlloars came out of our pockets and it does China no hardship and actually long-term benefit to require them to clean up their emissions as a condition of access to our markets.But we have to do our bit and that means sacrifice. Canada, Japan, the US and China all sit like cowboys around a poker table, their six guns on their laps, eyeing each other suspiciously and no one willing to make the first move.We have to get past that and realize the threat that confronts us does not allow us the option of non-action. It means doing what is right because it is right and, having done that, using the moral high ground to compel others to do the same. Right now Canada is in the moral trough trying to lecture others. That can't work for so many reasons.If we play stalemate politics, this is going to turn out poorly for everybody.

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