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Government assistance apple of farmers' eyes

By Kang Bing and Ma Lie (China Daily)

10:53, December 12, 2011

Farmers pick apples in Luochuan county, Shaanxi province. The apple crop has become the main source of local farmers' livelihoods. Provided to China Daily

LUOCHUAN, Shaanxi - Farmers in Luochuan county, Shaanxi province, have become rich by using technology and services provided by the local government to increase their apple crop.

Zhang Yanmin, 36, a farmer in the county's Luoyang village, began planting apple trees in 1993 after graduating from junior middle school. He now enjoys a prosperous life.

"I got about 120,000 yuan ($18,855) from my nearly half-hectare apple orchard this year," Zhang said. "My apples sold well in the coastal provinces of Jiangsu and Zhejiang, which businessmen came directly from to buy apples from my orchard."

Zhang said his attempts at apple farming had not gone smoothly at first. He was not familiar, he explained, with the technology he needed to make his work successful.

"In the first three years, I had to deal with pests, frost and hail and lost almost all of my investment in the orchard," Zhang said. "Then I had an opportunity to receive free training from the local government about technology that can be used to plant apple trees. I learned about various planting techniques that can be used in my orchard."

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