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Luxury brands eye record numbers

By Han Tianyang (China Daily)

09:40, December 12, 2011

Demand for luxury brands is outstripping overall growth in China's car market.(China Daily Photo)

BEIJING - German luxury carmakers continued robust sales in China last month and all look forward to record figures when the year draws to close in a few weeks.

The top premium brand in China, Audi set a new monthly record in November as it sold nearly 30,000 cars, a 70 percent leap from a year ago.

Locally produced Audi models all registered strong sales - 8,446 A4 L cars, 9,783 A6 L cars and 5,785 Q5 SUVs were sold last month. At the same time imported Audis reported blistering growth of nearly 200 percent with more than 5,574 cars delivered in November.

The carmaker's sales in the first 11 months increased 35 percent year-on-year to more than 280,000 vehicles as its tally for the whole year appears certain to clear the 300,000 benchmark.

BMW's November sales in China increased 7 percent to 19,155 units, bringing its deliveries in the first 11 months to more than 215,000 units, a surge of 41 percent . Its products on sale in China included the locally produced 3 Series and 5 Series sedans as well as a wide imported lineup.

Sales by Mercedes-Benz increased 24 percent last month in China to more than 18,000 vehicles. The fastest-growing market worldwide for the carmaker this year, its total China sales between January and November rose 31 percent to more than 170,000 units.

A Bloomberg report last week said that the world's three biggest luxury carmakers plan to limit holiday breaks for the second consecutive year to meet the rising demand for luxury vehicles in China.

BMW and Mercedes-Benz will shut most of their European factories for just a week between Christmas and New Year's Day, while Audi will close its plants for two weeks. In 2009, all three carmakers took a three-week year-end break due to sagging sales, the report said.

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