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Airlines raise fuel surcharges

By Bai Tianliang (People's Daily)

15:16, December 07, 2011

Edited and translated by People's Daily Online

Air China, Hainan Airlines and many other airlines announced an increase in fuel surcharges due to the price increase of domestic jet fuel from 130 yuan to 140 yuan for flights longer than 800 kilometers

Charges remain unchanged for flights 800 kilometers or less.

The National Development and Reform Commission announced a new pricing mechanism for aviation kerosene in July and reduced the jet fuel price in August, October and early November, which prompted airlines to also lower fuel surcharges.

Starting in Dec. 1, the domestic aviation kerosene post-factory price rose from 7,277 yuan per ton in November to 7,653 yuan. Regulations allow airlines to raise fuel surcharges accordingly.


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