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Radiation detected in Meiji formula

(Shanghai Daily)

14:50, December 07, 2011

Shanghai has not imported milk products made in Japan since last year, it was confirmed yesterday in response to the recall of a brand of baby formula after traces of radiation were detected in it.

Meiji, Japan's leading dairy brand, said it was recalling canned powdered milk for infants, with expiration dates of October 2012, as a precaution, according to the Associated Press.

The levels of radioactive cesium were well below government-set safety limits, and the company said the amounts were low enough not to have any effect on babies' health even if they drank the formula every day.

The Shanghai Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Bureau said all imported milk powder sold in the city was safe. Meiji Shanghai said all Meiji baby formula sold in Shanghai was produced in Australia.

However, formula from Japan has been available online.

Some online store owners bought Meiji baby formula directly from Japan, offering favorable prices because, as "purchasing agents" they didn't have to pay duty.

Yesterday, Hangzhou-based removed Meiji milk powder from the website's search results. "We have contacted industrial and commercial authorities in Hangzhou, and the search results won't be resumed until we get their permission," said Li Yun, a company official.

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saha at 2011-12-12123.218.247.*
another real stupid story. They should have check it before narketing. shame on them. I"m afraid what"s new coming up!

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