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Minivans rev up sales for GM

(Shanghai Daily)

10:52, December 07, 2011

Sales of General Motors and its Chinese ventures accelerated in November on higher demand for minivans.

The United States carmaker said November sales gained 20 percent annually to 237,130 units, according to its statement yesterday. The growth was quicker than the 10 percent jump in October and 15.3 percent increase for September.

Its minivan and sedan joint venture, SAIC-GM-Wuling, revved up sales of 40.4 percent to 119,133 units.

Shanghai GM, its flagship passenger car venture, sold 113,120 units on a 7.6 percent rise in domestic demand.

GM has outperformed the overall market this year, which cooled after government incentives expired and due to slower economic growth. Auto sales in China, the world's largest auto market, rose 3 percent in the first 10 months, compared to a 32 percent surge in 2010.

"GM is gaining momentum because of competitive new models," said Yale Zhang, managing director of Automotive Foresight Shanghai Co Ltd. "Its sales have also been boosted by a complete product line-up and strong marketing."

Sales of the Buick brand in China rose 16.6 percent annually to a November record of 59,763 units, led by its Excelle model. The carmaker also saw strong demand for its Chevrolet Cruze and new Sail models.

For the first 11 months this year, GM and its joint ventures sold a record 2.35 million vehicles in China, up an annual 8.2 percent.

GM is seeking to tap opportunities in the luxury car and sport-utility vehicle segments and aims to double its sales in China to 5 million by 2015, Bloomberg News earlier reported, citing Kevin Wale, president and managing director of GM China.

Ford China saw November sales fall 7 percent annually to 43,338 units, it said yesterday.

Honda Motor Corp said its sales in November declined 13 percent annually to 17,330 units.


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