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China strives to standardize rare earth market

By Zuo Ya (People's Daily)

08:05, December 05, 2011

China has made great strides since a campaign that targets illegal rare earth exploitation, rare earth smuggling and excessive exploitation was launched by three central government departments on Nov. 10

Last month, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, Ministry of Environmental Protection and General Administration of Customs of China jointly launched an investigation into the chaos that reigns in rare earth exploitation, production, export and environmental protection.

The reporter learned that China's rare earth industry has many serious problems. First, illegal rare earth exploitation is severe and rare earth smelting is expanding in a disorderly manner. Second, the ecological environment is being badly damaged by the industry.

Third, the waste left over by rare earth exploitation and smelting is very harmful and difficult to deal with. Fourth, the comprehensive utilization of rare earth resources is still insufficient.

Jia Yinsong, a director in charge of rare earth at the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, said that the crackdown on illegal producers has helped improve environmental protection and impose order on the rare earth sector.

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dxqXWdMFTiQVlwO at 2012-06-0194.23.1.*
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helen at 2011-12-05203.82.94.*
China should nationalise industries and resource exploitation to protect its security - economic, military .... whatever "pressure" directed at it by the United States and its own axis-of-tyranny.New Russia has also seen fit to do so in many of its industries. Likewise, the United States has also made sure that foreign control of its vital industries is prohibited.The first duty of the Chinese government is to look after the interests of China and the Chinese people and not succumbed to vile schemes by foreign powers.
PD User at 2011-12-05183.39.55.*
Good to bring under strictly guided control else others within and abroad will make full use of the slackness of governements.

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