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Shanghai bargain hunters out in force

By Lu Nengneng  (Shanghai Daily)

11:23, December 04, 2011

People attracted by big discounts offered by a Shanghai department store during an overnight sales campaign try to grab merchandise early yesterday morning. More stores in the city will launch similar promotions to boost sales as Christmas and New Year approaches.

A Shanghai version of Black Friday was staged at department stores over the weekend as a prelude to the upcoming new year promotions.

Bargain hunters elbowed their way to shelves and cleared out merchandise without even looking at price tags at Printemps Department Store, which launched the first overnight new year promotion in the city at four outlets on Friday.

During a promotion running from noon Friday until 2am yesterday, special offers, including up to 70 percent discounts and a free iPad 2 for people who spent a minimum amount of money, had shoppers in a frenzy.

Although the biggest discounts ended at 2am, the store remained open until 6am.

Starting from 10am on Friday, shoppers started lining up outside Printemps Department Store on Huaihai Road. More than 500 shoppers were lined up by 11am, which eventually forced the retailer to open at 11:30am, 30 minutes before it had planned.

At another Printemps outlet, crowds toppled the metal rails and knocked over wooden benches.

"Everyone just went crazy," a woman told her friend via phone in front of the department store's outlet in Wujiaochang area, Yangpu District. The store was packed with shoppers 20 minutes after opening.

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