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Tariffs raised 5% to help power firms

By Richard Fu (Shanghai Daily)

08:37, December 01, 2011

China yesterday announced an increase of about 5 percent in non-residential power tariffs and a temporary cap on coal prices to help prevent widespread electricity shortages with the onset of winter.

The tariffs were raised by 0.03 yuan per kilowatt hour on average nationwide, the National Development and Reform Commission said yesterday.

The new rates became effective today. The NDRC raised retail power prices for industrial users in 15 provinces by about 3 percent in June.

The so-called on-grid tariffs charged by power firms to distributors were raised by 0.025 yuan per kWh on average nationwide, and by 0.026 yuan on average for all coal-fired power plants, the NDRC said.

The government is raising tariffs to help power firms, which have been losing money on thermal generation due to coal costs, as inflation pressure has eased in recent months.

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